Fighting 4 the Tatas Breast Cancer Organization 2012 Halloween Fest-Rialto CA

Rialto, California (November 22, 2012) – This past October, over 100 families received Halloween costumes, enjoyed working hand-on with the Home Depot Kids Workshop Team, decorated pumpkins and other crafts, ate ice cream and creatively expressed themselves through Fun 4 U, face painting and balloon services.

Donations earned from this event went directly into the Fighting 4 the Tatas Children and Youth Aware Program. A program geared towards the child’s needs while they transition into a life where a loved one has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer or has succumbed to breast cancer. Services offered within this program included; counseling services, health and wellness, support groups, fun excursions, workshops, scholarships and grants, education and life skill building, and much more.

Thank you to all who came and supported. See you next year!
Fighting 4 the Tatas Halloween Fest Committee

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