Founder/President Joshlyn Earls attended the 2nd Annual Conference Breast Cancer & African Americans


I want to keep this short and sweet for I am still processing what I experienced yesterday and to sum it all up in one word, AMAZING!  I had a great time speaking and just being a part of the 2nd Annual Conference Breast Cancer & African Americans event yesterday, at the South San Francisco Conference center.   To be around so many positive and strong women is a true blessing.  Thank you Pamela H. Ratliff, Conference Administrator/Chair and Sr. Community Partnership Manager at the Stanford Cancer Institute for inviting me to be present at such a wonderful event and giving me a chance to represent my organization. 

I learned so much from the Biology of Cancer, the many disparities of Breast Cancer in African American Women, new techniques on how to eat healthy and live well before, during and after cancer, practical solutions for reducing risks of Breast Cancer for African Americans, refining the role of radiation for Breast Cancer, and so much more.   These issues affect so many of us every day and to be in a place where all of the information is giving to you at one time is unprecedented.  I believe that I have a duty to learn as much as I can and share as much as I can for not only myself, but for my daughter, my granddaughter, and all of the women and men across the world that may be affected by Breast Cancer in some way. 

Can’t wait until next year’s conference- Joshlyn Earls (Founder/Current President of Fighting 4 the Tatas Breast Cancer Organization)




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