I AM DIFFERENT – A Black Woman with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

Why do we exist?

Because as a Black women I was given 2 ½ years to live according to statics and only because I am a Black woman. If it had not been for my Chiropractor’s scan and my surgeon with the knowledge of recognizing Inflammatory Breast Cancer as well as being honest with me about this different type of breast cancer my treatment options would not have been good. I set out on a journey to save my life and to educate women and men that there are different types of breast cancer, and that all breast cancers DO NOT come with a lump.

The purpose!

Women need to know about “The breast cancer without a lump”. . The breast cancer that usually cannot be detected by traditional mammograms or ultra sound. The breast cancer they say, Black women are most likely than ALL other women to die from because it is in the skin. Depending on a  woman’s skin tone, her skin may not look red it may appear purple or pink; it may take on a different hue or shade and with very dark skin the color might not change at all.


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